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Airframe Control Bearings 

Schatz Bearing manufactures a full line of aircraft ball bearings used in aircraft control, aircraft accessory, and aircraft gearbox applications. These ball bearing products fit into a broad category designs specifically for oscillation. However, because of their variety and versatility, they can be used in heavy duty pulley assemblies as well as other applications requiring rotation or oscillation. Due to their precision, axial and radial positioning, and oscillatory motion airframe control bearings can often be used in a variety of non-aircraft industries.

Aerospace Bearings & Defense Bearings 

We produce precision OEM parts for the world’s leading commercial aerospace companies and bearings that meet or exceed the critical standards set by defense organizations. Our aerospace bearings withstand the speed, temperature, and load specifications of the aerospace and defense markets by providing high stiffness and low torque while still maintaining weight and size restrictions. Our proprietary and standard thin section bearings are engineered specifically for in-the-air and battlefield applications.

Meeting Your Standards, and Theirs. 

Many of our aircraft bearings are manufactured and approved to the applicable SAE and U.S. Government military standards, controlled by AS7949 (formerly MIL-B-7949). Our aircraft bearings are also approved to many OEM specifications.

Learn More About Boeing and MS Standards

This table is a list of the Schatz approvals to the AS7949 series.

AS7949 Series
Schatz Series MB500DD
Description Extra Light Torque Tube, Precision
Schatz Series Pulley
Description Pulley Type
Schatz Series KP
Description Heavy Duty
Schatz Series KP-A
Description Intermediate Duty
Schatz Series DSP
Description Heavy Duty, Self-Aligning
Schatz Series DPP
Description Extra Heavy Duty, Double Row
Schatz Series KSP
Description Self-Aligning
Schatz Series B500DD
Description Extra Light Torque Tube
Schatz Series DW, GDW
Description Heavy Duty, Extra Wide, Double Row
Schatz Series KP-BS
Description Extra Light Duty, Torque Tube, Self-Aligning
AS7949 Series Schatz Series Description
AS21428 MB500DD Extra Light Torque Tube, Precision
AS21443 Pulley Pulley Type
AS27640 KP Heavy Duty
AS27641 KP-A Intermediate Duty
AS27643 DSP Heavy Duty, Self-Aligning
AS27644 DPP Extra Heavy Duty, Double Row
AS27645 KSP Self-Aligning
AS27646 B500DD Extra Light Torque Tube
AS27647 DW, GDW Heavy Duty, Extra Wide, Double Row
AS27648 KP-BS Extra Light Duty, Torque Tube, Self-Aligning


Grease specification

Bearings with a suffix -H are packed with grease that is approved to MIL-PRF-81322. Bearings with a -L are packed with grease that is approved to MIL-PRF-23827. Additionally, many other lubricants are available. Please see the Technical Info section for an additional listing of the available lubricants.


The majority of aircraft bearing series are cadmium plated per QQ-P-416E. Check the specification of each series for details. For series that are plated, all exposed surfaces of the inner and outer ring bearing components are plated with the exception of the inner ring bore.
Cadmium plating is very effective at preventing corrosion, including galvanic corrosion. Alternatives to cadmium plating such as zinc nickel plating (per ASM2417) are also available.

Bearing modifications

Many of the Schatz Aircraft Control series can be manufactured with modified designs to suit
application requirements. Examples of these modifications follow:

Corrosion-resistant materials
The aircraft ball bearings listed in this website are made using AISI 52100 steel. Schatz manufactures many of these bearing series in AISI 440C corrosion resistant stainless steel as well.

Additionally, many of these series can be manufactured utilizing Schatz specification
EMS138 which utilizes a high corrosion resistant and high fatigue resistant steel.

Learn more about Schatz Bearing material options.

Higher precision level

Many of these series are offered in compliance to higher precision levels. Higher precision versions of these series use an “M” prefix in the part number. For example, the precision version of KP8A is MKP8A.

Low starting torque

Schatz can modify the seal, grease, separator, and ball complement on many of the bearings to offer a lower starting torque than the standard series offers.

Angular contact bearings and duplex sets

Schatz can manufacture some of the series in angular contact versions that can be mounted as single bearings or in pairs as a duplex set for increased axial capacity and rigidity.

Refer to the Technical Info section for more details.

Other Applications

These series of aircraft bearings are also suitable for other applications with:

  1. Oscillatory or slow rotational speeds
  2. High loads
  3. Corrosive environments or where galvanic corrosion is a concern