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SCHATZ Going Green

Upgraded the entire facility with state of the art high-efficiency lighting

  • Both the quantity and quality of the lighting has been improved
  • At the same time, we reduced our annual electricity consumption for lighting by 250,000 Kwh

Upgraded our compressed air system

  • Reduced our annual electricity consumption for compressed air by 150,000 Kwh
  • The combination of isolation valves, improved nozzles, and leak detection should increase electric savings in the future.

Installed float switches on pumps

  • Reduced our annual electricity consumption by 30,000 Kwh.

Numerous weatherization projects have been completed and many projects are planned for the future such as:

  • Adjusting and lubricating exhaust fan backdraft dampers
  • Repairing, sealing and/or replacing windows and doors
  • Caulking joints and filling cracks in exterior walls
  • Produced significant energy savings

Insulated steam supply piping

  • Annual fuel savings of 1750 Therms.

Recycling and Waste Disposal

  • We recycle all raw materials.
  • As always, we dispose of all waste streams properly in addition to exploring ways to minimize these waste streams.