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“The Schatz Team’s responsiveness and willingness to work within our quantity request and tight timeline has proven invaluable. Not only did they exceed our expectations for the scope of our project; they also showed flexibility with contracts due to ongoing negotiations with our customers. This has proven to be a true partnership.”

— Tier 1 Boeing Supplier – Seattle, WA, USA

Your Aerospace Bearings & Custom Bearings Partner for a Variety of Precision Applications.

Aerospace Bearings:

We produce precision OEM parts for the world’s leading commercial aerospace companies and bearings that meet or exceed the critical standards set by defense organizations. Our aerospace bearings withstand the speed, temperature, and load specifications of the aerospace and defense markets by providing high stiffness and low torque while still maintaining weight and size restrictions. Our proprietary and standard thin section bearings are engineered specifically for in-the-air and battlefield applications.  

Custom Bearing Design:

When high standards for bearing quality and performance are critical, our technical team is equipped with the most advanced precision instruments to assess your bearing application needs. Our team of designers and engineers will work with you to customize cost-effective bearing solutions that meet your specific application.

Critical Standards and Tolerances? No Problem.

Our Bearing Design Solutions and catalog of prespecified precision bearings always meet or exceed the demanding requirements of modern aerospace bearing applications, as well as industry-leading aerospace, defense, and space organizations. We also have decades of experience designing bearings and creating bearing standards for a variety of industries including medical equipment, automation & robotics, and machinery for construction and agricultural applications.

A Team and Facility You Can Trust.

We manufacture all of our products in our AS9100 Rev D / ISO9001:2015 & Nadcap certified facility in Poughkeepsie, NY and can easily achieve tolerances measured in millionths of an inch.