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additive manufacturing process

Additive Manufactured Bearings And Components

This combination of material and processing results in a unique technology.

  • Advanced bearing material
  • Configurable into complex shapes

Material Advantage

Stainless Steel
— Corrosion Resistance
Case Hardened
— High surface hardness, ductile core (surface hardness approx.65+ Rc)
High Fatigue Resistance
— Testing to date has shown superior rolling contact fatigue wear resistance when compared to standard bearing materials
— Further testing is required to gain a statistical reference

Bearing Materials Suitable For Difficult Applications

  • Corrosive Environments
  • High impact/shock loading
    (case hardened rings for fracture toughness)
  • Extended fatigue life required
  • Low/marginal lubrication
  • Difficult to replace
    (maintenance cost)
additive manufactured bearings illustration

Complexity Advantage

  • Incorporated with mating components to bearings
    • Gears, shafts, housings
  • Assemblies with thermal gradient difficulties
    • Components can be integrated with bearings to solve thermal gradients between components
  • Optimize bearing geometry for weight savings
    • Maximum capacity/minimum weight while maintain structural integrity
  • Incorporate mounting features
    • Flanges with mounting holes
    • Notches, tabs, grooves in bearing rings to facilitate mounting
    • Integrated locking features or preloading features
  • Ring features to allow added rolling elements to maximize capacity/life
  • Unique or difficult geometry
  • Can be applied to products beyond bearings, where corrosion resistant and fatigue resistant material would yield superior performance.

Whether your requirements are for low or high volumes, custom designs, or extremely clean bearing components, the team at Schatz Bearing has the experience needed to meet the challenge. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your application requirements.