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Schatz is approved to the AS7949 standards below. Click on the “Approved Military Spec. Part Numbers Cross Reference” link for specific sizes and MS (Mil Spec) part numbers. New standards are occasionally added. Please check back often or contact us if you don’t see the standard you are searching for. Click an icon to request information.
AS7949 Series Schatz Series Description
AS21428 (MS21428) MB500DD Extra Light Torque Tube, Precision
AS21443 (MS21443) Pulley Pulley Type
AS27640 (MS27640) KP Heavy Duty
AS27641 (MS27641) KP-A Intermediate Duty
AS27642 (MS27642) KP-B Light Duty, Torque Tube
AS27643 (MS27643) DSP Heavy Duty, Self-Aligning
AS27644 (MS27644) DPP Extra Heavy Duty, Double Row
AS27645 (MS27645) KSP Self-Aligning
AS27646 (MS27646) B500DD Extra Light Torque Tube
AS27647 (MS27647) DW | GDW Heavy Duty, Extra Wide, Double Row
AS27648 (MS27648) KP-BS Extra Light Duty, Torque Tube, Self-Aligning
AS27649 (MS27649) AW-AK Intermediate Duty, Stainless Steel