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We provide superior technical support, leading edge technology, short prototype and production lead times.

eVTOL vehicle

Providing Bearings for eVTOL Manufacturers

Schatz brings success in the commercial aerospace market to eVTOL partners by:

  • Maintaining consistent lead-times during all phases of the business cycle.
  • Engineering assistance for specific application needs.
  • Delivering on-time to your target dates.
  • Being flexible to design and schedule changes with options to expedite.
  • Responsive to quote requests, technical questions, and follow‑ups.
  • A supplier-partner that will enhance your competitive position.

Schatz Bearing Aerospace Bearings

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We have been serving the aerospace industry for almost 40 years. Schatz Bearing is approved for thousands of OEM and MS standards and can provide world-class technical support for custom applications. We consistently receive praise from our customers for our flexibility, versatility, and responsiveness. Schatz has won awards for quality and delivery performance.

A common response from new customers is: “We wish we found you sooner. We’ve needed a ball bearing supplier like Schatz for a long time.”

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