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Specialty Bearings

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Ideal Weight and Precision Needed?

Light precision bearings from Schatz are designed for light duty applications and have ABEC 1, 3, 5, and 7 tolerances. They are single row radial bearings in our 1200 Series of products.


Schatz also makes precision metric bearings for extremely light, extra light, and medium duty. In addition, we supply precision and specialty bearings with inch boundary dimensions. 

ball bearings by weight requirement

Extremely Light Duty

1900 Series precision bearings are for extremely light duty.
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Extra Light Duty

9100 Series precision bearings are for light duty.
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Light Duty

1200 Series precision bearings are for light duty.

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Medium Duty

Schatz also makes medium duty precision bearings.
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R Series

R Series are dimensioned in inches.

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  • Light duty applications
  • Single row radial ball bearing
  • Deep groove
  • Non-filling slot bearing
  • Metric precision
  • ABEC 1, 3, 5, and 7 tolerances


Technical Information

ABEC precision tables and options for materials, closure, retainers/separators, and lubrication.

Bearing Life Calculations

Capacity and fatigue life of ball bearings plus life adjustment factors.